pelvic floor

what is it?
where it is located?
what’s its duties?

Pelvic floor, which is also known as the hip bone is a structure made of muscles and bonds that appoint the floor of the pelvis. The main pelvic floor muscles are cocxugeus, levator ani and priformis. There is urethra, anus and vagina as part of the pelvic floor. Therefore, pelvic floor dysfunctions and problems directly effect the functioning of these structures.
Basic functions of the pelvic floor include; supporting internal organs, creating intra-abdominal pressure, bladder-bowel control and sexual arousal. It also aids breathing and supports posture.
Pelvic floor rehabilitation includes conservative treatment approaches that are used in pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, such as, manual therapy, electrotherapy, biofeedback, exercise training, modification of activities of daily living.
When it comes to pelvic floor rehabilitation, the only thing that comes to mind is the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor muscles, but in current treatment approaches, not only the pelvic floor but also all structures related to the pelvic floor are included in the rehabilitation program.