pelvic floor


The story of a patient is important
The story of a patient creates the most important part in the Clinical examination. Some examples such as trauma, accident, medical treatment and medication story of the patient, psychological situations or even daily life of a person in the past can change the priorities of the methods or the examination of the treatment.
The Kegel exercise is not suitable for everyone
Kegel exercise was founded by Arnold Kegel in 1948. It basically focuses on voluntarily tightening and then relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. But, if your pelvic floor muscles are overactive and cannot relax, Kegel exercise is not right for you. Tightening the muscles that cannot be relaxed makes things even worse.
The effect of manual therapy for pelvic floor disorder
Manual therapy is a commonly used practice nowadays and its effects has been proven by related researches. The tensility of the surface and dip tissue massage, mobilization of articular and flexible tissue and articular manipulations provide comfort and relief for most people.