pelvic floor rehabilitation

before and after pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the biggest traumas a woman can have. During the pregnancy process, pelvic floor is under the hormonal and static pressure. Also, the weights that the mother get and the weight of the baby during pregnancy increase these pressures. Pelvic floor muscles get relaxed in order to have an easy birth with the effect of the relaxin hormone. The best thing to do is to make the pregnant patient to go to pelvic floor rehabilitation in order to decrease the risks of bladder dysfunctions such as enuresis, need to urinate over and over, and urinary system infection.
Pelvic floor has an important function in childbirth; it needs to be elastic and slack as far as possible in order for baby to go out from the birth canal. Also, it needs to be strong enough to prevent enuresis during childbirth. Therefore, it is quite important to be aware of these functions of pelvic floor muscles and to strengthen these muscles during pregnancy. Because of this, pelvic floor exercises are especially suggested before pregnancy and the last three months of the pregnancy period (third trimester). Before pregnancy, proper exercises such as Pilates and after childbirth, pelvic rehabilitation and exercise, it will be easy for the women to recover and go back to regular sexual life.