painful bladder


It is a pain syndrome characterized by increasingly severe discomfort during the filling phase of the bladder and a feeling of relief that comes with urination. Symptoms usually occur after the age of 40 and are more common in women than in men. Painful bladder syndrome; It may coexist with irritable bowel syndrome and / or fibromyalgia.
The discomfort felt by the patient; There may be a slight feeling of pressure or a severe bladder spasm. Its location is usually in the lower abdomen. There are some factors that trigger the feeling of discomfort. These; Tea, coffee, acidic beverages, citrus fruits, tomatoes and spicy foods. The reason why the feeling of discomfort is in the filling phase; It is the increase in the activity of sensory nerve cells in the bladder during bladder filling. In addition, increased sensitivity in the bowel and other pelvic organs can cause a sensitivity in the bladder.
Patients with painful bladder syndrome generally prefer to urinate before their bladders are fully filled and the discomfort is not aggravated. This causes increased voiding frequency and a decrease in bladder capacity over time.


Bladder training should be the first step in treatment. Afterwards, the treatment is continued with pelvic floor physiotherapy and various visceral osteopathy techniques. In addition, psychological support of the patients shortens the duration of the treatment and increases the success rate.