the benefits of exercising

during pregnancy

Exercising during pregnancy helps the potential mother to stay in form and make digestive, respiratory and circulatory systems work properly. At the same time, exercising can increase the required durability for the birth by preparing the body. Besides these, it prevents gaining lots of weight and makes the mother feel happy by increasing the endorphin secretion. With these, the self-confidence can also increase and the mother feels ready for the childbirth. Preventing the overweight and the flexibility of the skin with the help of exercising prevent the cracks on the skin that the mothers are afraid of.
Exercise also increases the intestinal motility so that constipation can be prevented and it is beneficial for varicosity and haemorrhoid. Proper exercise fixes the stance of the mother, it may decrease some disorders such as backache, tiredness, being sleepy. Exercising has other benefits like preventing the gestational diabetes which evolves during pregnancy and decreasing the tension. After birth, exercising put barrier to feel depressive and helps mother to recover and take care of her child quickly, and it helps mother to lose the pregnancy weights.